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Jason Dolenga has been called "a lone salmon, swimming against the stream", a "frustrated creative", and "the strangest accountant I've ever met". When he's not playing with his little daughter, he runs triathlons, fools around with improv theatre, and seeks out opportunities to sing Karaoke. Locally famous for having an opinion on almost everything, he started a blog just to keep track of them all.

A native of Michigan now living in Chicago, Jason earned his undergraduate degree at Michigan State University and spent the first three years of his career as a Financial Auditor at Arthur Andersen before the firm disappeared from the face of the earth. After spending another five years doing information security work at Deloitte and Touche, Jason decided that going to Michigan Business School sounded like a good idea, and was fortunate to land a job in the Quaker Foods division of PepsiCo.

He is currently dreaming up new products with the Gatorade company. Prior to that, he was an Assistant Marketing Manager on the Cap'n Crunch Brand