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Jason Woodmansee

Golf is hard. Technology helps. If you compared your putter and a TaylorMade putter with AGSI on a launch monitor, you would see a material difference. Confidence is what's important with golf clubs, and if you believe you hit a certain club well, you probably will, no matter what the technology involved.

We golf marketers are just here to tell you the story about how the technology helps. If you believe it, then you will be more confident using that club, which means you will hit it better, which means you will tell your friends about it, and so on.

However, I'm not sure what it means that Seth picked our putter technology description to make his point. I suppose it is a compliment of some sort...

Jason @ TaylorMade


Thanks for your time and effort for providing this very important information. I really appreciate what you are trying to point out.

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